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Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journal

Week.1 Slime                                                          
First we mixed some water, corn flour and then food colouring. When we went to the hall we tipped slime on to Mr Anderson. We did it to see what good slime looks like smells like and feels like. I thought the slime would be runny. I wonder what would happen if we used cold water.
I put myself in multistructural because my answers may not be the same as others.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Week.2 balloon rocket
We got some wool, a straw and then we got the balloon, some chairs, scissors and some tape. We did it to learn about different forces and variables such as air pressure, push, and thrust. I wonder what would happen if we changed the gradient.
I put myself on multistructural because I think different to others.
Week.3 balloon rocket.2
This week we did the balloon rocket experiment again but used fishing wire. I thought the balloon would go faster because the wire was smoother and thinner. I wonder what would happen if we use thinner straws and less gradient. The forces I saw was the air brushing out of the balloons and the gravity helping the balloon going across.
I think I'm still multicultural because I gather and interpret data.
Week.4 trebuchet
We went outside and sat by the victoria tree and then we watched Mrs Pageot then she pulled the string and the ball went flying and it flew far. I noticed the more weight they put on the further it went think that happened because of the weights slowing the flinger.

I think I'm at multistructural because my thinking all probabily
different then the other people
Week.5 flying and guiding
 This week we learnt about flying and gliding flying is going straight gliding is floating down slowly. Flying is  also controlled movement. If birds stop flying then there wouldn't be a lot of them. We probably need drag so we don't go to high.If you change the material of planes then it wouldn't work as well or would work better.

I think I'm at Multistructural because my thinking all probably different than the other people